IDO World Dance Cups 2018 | 국제댄스연맹(IDO) 제4회 지중해 오픈 댄스컵이 그리스 아테네에서 열렸습니다.
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국제댄스연맹(IDO) 제4회 지중해 오픈 댄스컵이 그리스 아테네에서 열렸습니다.


2017년 4월 27일

국제댄스연맹(IDO) 제4회 지중해 오픈 댄스컵이 그리스 아테네에서 열렸습니다.

국제댄스연맹(IDO) 제4회 지중해 오픈 댄스컵이 그리스 아테네에서 열렸습니다.

지중해지역 국가간의 경연으로 10개국 1,000여명의 댄서들이 퍼포밍아트와 스트릿댄스,그리고 커플댄스종목에 참가하였습니다.

The Internationals Dance Organisation’s licensed event, the 4th IDO Mediterranean Open Dance Cup, has been described by IDO Vice-President Fiona Johnson Kocjancic, as a success!

The IDO competition took place over the weekend in Athens, Greece, with over 1,000 dancers from 10 countries taking part. The event was organised by IDO Hellas and featured all dance disciplines in Performing Arts, Street Dance and Couple Dance. The IDO Public Relations department takes this opportunity to thank the event organisers especially, its public relations officer, Stamatakos Panagiotis who has being very supportive with providing photographic and video content throughout the event.

IDO Vice-President Fiona Johnson Kocjancic said:

‘IDO is very proud of the IDO International event in Athens, especially as it’s growing so fast, in a region when there are so many competitions being held, but this is the one with an IDO flag! It was a pleasure to see so many athletes competing and it is always great to visit Athens.

We are delighted to confrim that in December 2017, the first IDO Open Latin Show and Synchro Dance Championships will be held in Athens, so we invite all dancers from the region and IDO members to take part and show their support.


단체명: Greece – Hellenic Dancesport Federation and Panhellenic Educational Dance Organization (IDO HELLAS )
Departments(분과): Performing Arts, Street dance, Special Couple dance
President(회장): Theodoros Tsaganos
Address(주소): 14, Dafnis str.Korydallos ATHENS Greece
Phone: +30 6977 349612 / Fax: +30 210 4945678 / Mobile: +30 6977 296 096

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